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    1.  If will be necassary would there be possibility to make some upgrade or changes on the product?

       The upgrade and change designson the products are welcome. You can send your new design and detailed requirements to us.


    2.  What is your lead time for the trial order? And what is the MOQ for the trial order?

       Our leadtime is about 15 to 20 days upon receipt your payment or the bank receipt.


    3.  Can we add our logo to this item? if so, where can the logo added?

       We can add the logo on the item and the packing. You can send your logo and detailed requirements to us. The postion of the logo is according to your requirments.


    4.  What types of packaging do you normally use for this product?

       For small quantity and small products,such as 19mm to 300mm size spheres, we will pack them in a  polythene bag, use  a piece of 5-ply corrugated cardboard and curve the cardboard around the small goods o protect goods and strengthen the carton, bound with the plastic straps during Express and air delivery.

       When using the air delivery, some bulk goods will pack in the wooden crate to  protect  the goods from possilbe damage.

     The large size of balls( such as 400mm to 2500mm spheres) are packed in a poly bag to a  box and  one box to a wooden case.

    We will give special care to the packing in order to avoid damage in transit.


    5.  Do you accept PayPal for the full order?

       As to terms of payment, we can accept the Paypal payment, we also accept the western union , T/T payment method for full order.


    6.  How long does it take to manufacture once an order has been placed?

       In  general, we needs about 15 to 20 days to make the products, but for the small sizes and small quantities, the manufacturing time will be faster, maybe 7 to 10 days. When the products are finished, we will inform you in advance.


    7.  What is your lead time for samples?

       If you are interested, we will be pleased to send you a sample free of charge.

    If we have the samples in stock, we have send to you immediately, but if not, we need about 7 to 10 days to make the samples. Or we can provide the similar sizes for you,you can evaluate the quality.


    8.  Do you have experience selling to North America?

       We are an experienced trading company working with the factory specializin in producing the stainless steel products.

      Featuring  high quality , ovel style and competitive price, our products are selling well in North America, Japan, Europe, Australia, Russia and Middle East.

      Being in this line form more than 8 years, we are proud that we can comfortably meet our clients’ demand.

    9.  How much will the delivery of my order be? Can I get express shipping?

       We strive to be able to give our customers the best rates we can for shipping.

    It is  important that the cost of the shipping will be based on the weight of the order, not on the value of the order. For our international customers who wish to enquire into the price of our shipping, you can email bella@dongyuan.cc  and they will be able to send you an estimate of what it will cost


    10. Why choose our proudcts?

        Our stainless steel balls, spheres and sculptures are custom made to suit your design specifications.

    We can fabricate a range of sizes and polishes so your sphere or sculpture can be tailored to your design needs.

       Our patented process allows us to create a seamless appearance which gives a superior finish to the product.

    Any of our products can be shipped globally so wherever you need it to be, we can get it there.


    11. Do you make mild steel spheres?

       Yes, we make mild steel spheres in the same sizes as our stainless steel spheres.

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