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    Stainless steel ball shape meaning you guess

    Time: 2014-12-31 14:36:17     

    What is the meaning of "law" sculpture

       Comprehensive building of Fujian province high court trial court, because it is white, many Fuzhou people call it "the white house". 

       Why is this building should be designed into a white?

    A female bailiff of the college as a return tour, explain to you. She said, "this building is three sections of arc building Wailimian European style, by the marble and glass curtain wall composed of fully implicit, whole is white, symbolizing the court honest. Building a positive legislation has 12 columns, with white marble and is provided with a base veneer column cap, the trial court upright and outspoken display. The central dome roof and sides simplified, constitute the "mountain" shape, meaning the court to enforce the law strictly. The middle of the front is completely invisible glass curtain wall, have an honest official. meaning. The middle of the carved cornice Ding and two unicorns, meaning the justice of law. The cornice is engraved on both sides of the Great Wall, the court of justice is the highlight of defence. Reportedly, the building was completed and put into use in 2000, was awarded the national building industry is the highest award -- the Luban prize.

      But in front of the building to the cultural square, there is a color steel sculpture, composed of red cube and stainless steel ball. This sculpture, looks very abstract, have what meaning? Female bailiff said, this sculpture is called "law", the cube and sphere with the expression, "meaning no rule without Cheng Fangyuan" rule.

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