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    Grinding stainless steel ball surface parts

    Time: 2014-12-31 14:36:17     

       In the machinery and equipment repair. We often encounter some with spherical surface parts, such as single moving ball head screw press (see Figure 1), the ball bowl pad (see Figure 2), the ball bowl cover and so on the internal and external spherical surface parts of these multiple requests very high geometry accuracy, dimensional accuracy and surface finish degree. So in the process is generally made of semi finish machining and heat treatment in parts, fine grinding and polishing procedure arrangement of Figure 1 outer sphere surface process unit 1 cup wheel for 2 wheel shaft 3 tail frame workpiece headstock thimble thimble 4 5 Fig. 2 surface within the sphere process equipment 1 2 3 wheel workpiece headstock chuck 4 wheel shaft 1 old process defects inside and outside surface of the sphere grinding machining. Commonly used grinding method. 

      This method has several problems: (1) by internal and external ball surface grinding machining precision and surface precision grinding wheel forming has a direct relationship. Thus forming grinding wheel surface dressing requirement is high, the operation is complex, need a high level of technology. Sometimes in order to ensure the grinding wheel dressing requirements, also making special processing device.

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